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Life Update

So today I got formally promoted to mid-level UI Developer. I’m bloody relieved that it finally happened. From the first month of starting at ASOS I hadn’t been doing the workload/taking on the responsibilities of a Junior (which is what my title was) so now I finally get the recognition I’ve been working so hard to achieve. Also got a raise so ecstatic about that too! The sponsorship process is going along nicely, flights are booked to come back to Oz for a month, ASOS even let me only take 2 weeks of holiday and work remotely for the remaining 2 weeks. This should be great because the hours are pretty good (1200 - 2000hrs) so I can still go out whenever plus I don’t need to stay in one place because all I need to have is internet access. I’ll keep you guys updated on that - excited to be going back to Oz especially since I’ll be ending one visa and going on a 3 year one! Fuck. Yes.

In about a month’s time I’ll be on a plane to JAPAN!!!! I am incredibly excited. I’ll be landing on my birthday which makes it that much more amazing. I’m not really sure what I want to do, I’m going with a long-time friend and she’s been before, so I’m just going to leave those decisions to her - I’m not fussed. I did say however that we HAD to go to the ninja and anime museum. 

That guy I met on Tinder and I were getting along swimmingly. I then made the mistake of asking if he thought he might be a couple. He said he wasn’t ready for a relationship. It made sense to me completely; he had just moved to London, just graduated, just moved into his flat. I would feel exactly the same. But then he got all weird and even though I’m meeting up with him this Tuesday it just feels weird and there’s a part of me that regrets bringing it up. However a larger part of me feels relieved that I clarified where we stood and that is NOT in a relationship. I think I was terrified of the thought of having to not be selfish all the time but having said that I really liked the idea and wasn’t against it.

Anyway this weekend I’m going up to Edinburgh to see this girl that I really like. I’m glad that guy I was just talking about and I have clarified that we weren’t a thing so I can try and get with this girl. I’ve been particularly erm… shall we say ‘free spirited’ lately (I don’t want to say slutty) due to the fact I had just gotten tested and was fine. I was terrified because I had slept with men and women in the past year or so without being tested, so to me it made sense that I was in double the risk. So massive weight off my shoulder there, I should probably slow down though.

Okay, now you’re all fully caught up. Obviously more to come after this weekend. Ah and yes, as always, life is amazing.

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